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Unilux VHP Heat Pump Data Logger

Advanced Heat Pump Diagnostics

Our innovative heat pump control board takes diagnostics to a new level. Download our brochure to learn more about the standard features of our control board as well as our new troubleshooting technology.

Service technicians can plug into the control board and use either our heat pump data extractor or heat pump data logger for fast and effective on-site diagnosis of heat pump issues.

Less Energy. More Comfort.

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Unilux VHP uses the highest-quality, energy efficient motors in all vertical heat pumps. State-of-the-art ECM motors save energy and are programmable to suit your project.

The best part – they are super quiet! Unilux VHP uses the best compressors, which are enclosed in Unilux VHP-designed noise cancelling boxes to deliver whisper-quiet comfort.

Quality is Comfort

Unilux VHP knows that superior quality is of the utmost importance. All of our heat pumps are ETL & CSA certified for quality and safety.

Unilux VHP heat pumps are designed by some of the industry’s best engineers and built with the highest-quality components

Smart Heat Pump Control

Control heat pumps with our latest smart thermostats. We offer a variety of easy-to-use thermostats designed specifically for our heat pumps. Take advantage of amazing features like touchscreens and Wi-Fi capable controls.


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Refined Heat Pump Designs

Unilux VHP heat pumps are designed to provide unbeatable comfort to residents and convenience to installers and service technicians. We offer flexible designs to suit your next project.

Lower your installation cost and offer residents heat pumps that are easy to maintain.

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